เกี่ยวกับ เดอะ นากาย่า รีสอร์ท

The Nagaya Resort, one small and humble place located among warm and natural hideaway in Ratchaburi.

Fulfilling your dream by excursion from rush and restless life.

Take a journey to pour your heart with imagination on the ever dream land and wander your mind along with the warm sunlight and cool mountain breeze.

Each of our rooms is specially designed and decorated in it’s unique style.

Our wish is to welcome everyone with warm and sweet nostalgic memories from childhood,

all our furniture and decorative items were finely selected to enhance your aesthetic relaxation and make you feel utmost at home.

We believe that lifetime learning consists of the awareness of what life brings to us.

Moreover, building the sculpture of dream from what we’ve learnt is considered the great art of living.

We finally have turned our dream of making this lovely space into small hospitality business with humble and eco-friendly mindset.

For those who once had a dream but confronting fatigue and almost giving up,

we’re inviting you to leave and bury those worries and fatigue down under this piece of land.

And for those who never has a dream even once, The Nagaya Resort is warm welcoming you to visit us.

Igniting yourself to make any of your dreams coming to reality just like we have been doing for all these years.

Be inspired and dare to dream!!

The nagaya resort is established in 2006 The nagaya is a cute eight-unit boutique resting in Suan Phung valley of Ratchaburi Province near the Burmese border. Its natural setting helps guests unwind from the pressures of city life.

It’s a place of great tranquility. The resort overlooks a scenic, mountainous terrain, the best nature has to offer. We are environmentally conscious so we have tried to retain as much of the natural landscape as possible. Nagaya has been built to inspire and it is just 160 kilometers from Bangkok.

The nagaya has a Mediterranean flavor and sits in a valley surrounded by pastures and mountains. Each room has a different concept. The decoration is a fusion of a lot of cultures and antique furniture. The intention is to offer guests a chance to unwind from the pressures of city life

The architecture is a measure of freedom expressed through irregularly shaped windows and untiled bathrooms with bathtubs and open-tops to allow sunlight are some of the aspects that accentuate the selling point.

The nagaya takes its guests to offer alms to monks every morning and make merit. Adventure buffs will find the zigzag path leading to the resort a challenge in itself.

The nagaya Suanphung Ratchaburi.Approximately 160 kilometre from Bangkok and 60 kilometre from Ratchaburi approx.2 hrs. Suanphung district-The Nagaya 9 km. route Suanphung district-Bo klueng hotspring/Kao chon waterfall.

What is the NAGAYA?

Nagaya is the combination of two words Naga and Gaya

‘Naga’ is a word from Indo European language, rooted from the word ‘Nog’ which means bare or unclothes, adopted in English as ‘Naked”

The word ‘Nog” itself is also found in many other languages; ‘Nudus” in Latin, ‘Nagna’ in Sanskrit, ‘Nanga’ in Hindi, and ‘Nengta’ in Bengali

*Citation : Nag: Kon Ploey Dukdumban (Nag: the naked ancient human) South East Asian Anthropology, Prof. Dr. Nithi Eawsriwong, Royal Hall Thapra Palace Silpakorn University, Bangkok, 29 July 2005.

The word Gaya means body, which over all meaning is the naked body.

In moral culture there’s a natural fact that “We come with uncovered body, then we leave uncovered.” Hold on to nothing, leave as what we come.

**uncovered in this term means naked, bare, no Self, no Vedhana

Surprisingly ‘Nagaya” can be pronounced as Japanese word,

meaning Japanese traditional long wooden building (as seen in classic Japanese movie).

The commonality of these two ‘Nagaya’ are the simplicity of architectures and nostalgic sense of good old days,

only the look of ancient wooden house in Japan and naïve and rustic white cement house in Suanphung, Rathchburi.

With the warm sunlight, cool breeze, and flowing river in the western forest we encourage you to bring your uncovered body and mind to the absorb the power of nature, enjoy the simplicity as living in simple forms of habitat and landscape and these will definitely recharge your body and mind power.

Why should be Suanphung, Ratchaburi ?

In a boring sunny afternoon in Bangkok back in 2003, an invitation call rang and got rid of silence in the house while a guy was reading through his book.

Without any hesitation, he accepted the invitation to visit his friend’s place in up country with the curiosity in the journey ahead and boredom of the passive hours in the city he looked forward to leave behind.

“Baan Chalia Sook’ (House of Happiness Sharing) was his new destination, the name given by a group of friends in those days (and becoming ‘The Scenery’ in these days).

Through 160 Km. heading to Suan Pueng along highway no. 3802; the scenic landscape alongside brought up some questions in his mind.

The layers of mountain lines, the light through those tree top, the wavy fields, the gentle breeze; there was definitely something in the air. He couldn’t tell if he fell in love with this route or it was just another passage of journey. But what he could realise was ‘In reaching the mountains, it was just 2 hours drive from Bangkok!’, and that became the answer to his heart afterward.

With wonderful atmosphere for relaxation and friends talk from dusk till dawn, those quality times made him revisited this place several times.

As leaning down, many thoughts came up in his mind again, both internal and external factors. But all in sudden, the same friend asked him whether to start something here in Suanphung together. Two weeks later, many people witnessed his anticipation and beginning of new life journey.

Whether it’s right or wrong, once decided, he gave all his efforts to overcome all internal and external constraints along this route.

Day after day, night after night, The Nagaya Resort continues it’s breath since then…